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Oceans Floor
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Trip Date:2004-06 - 2004-07
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Countries visited:Fiji
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After traveling/studying in Australia for 5 months, I decided to stop at Fiji on my way back. I spent a total of three weeks there as noted in the summary. The first two nights were spent in Nadi (Nan-di) because that is where the plane lands and it took me that long to get everything together. On the second day I purchased a pot, 7 bags of pasta, and 7 cans of tomato sauce in order to save a little money on food by cooking for myself. I later learned that tomato sauce in Fiji is ketchup (btw I am American). I took the big catamaran out to Nacula first and was absolutely blown away by the magnificent beauty and simple pleasure of a true "island". I spent ten days at that resort, the bulk of which was spent lying on a hammock, fishing, hiking, and daydreaming. I then got back onto the catamaran (which by the way is reffered to as the yellow boat) with intentions of heading back to the mainland. But upon seeing Waya from a distance, I grabbed my backpack and box of food and jumped on the dingy from the village which took me to hostel on Waya. I ended up spending 4 days on that island continuing the previuos hectic schedule of the latter island. When it was time to leave, a british backpacker and myslef (whom I met at the island) "hitchhiked" a ride back to the main island (to the city of Lautoka) with a small dingy (pictures provided) as opposed to the catamaran in order to save some cash. I realized we were traveling across the open pacific for approximately 100km, but the adventure was too enticing to turn down, and I was saving F$75! Approximately 1-2km offshore we ran out of gas, and as the sun went down my cold, wet self truly wished to be back on land. By some miracle the engine started again and we ended making it back to the mainland after a three hour or so ride. My remaining time was spent enjoying the local brew, Fiji Bitter, and lugging my backpack from bus stop to bus stop. I left for the airport a week later. Obviously, much went on in between the summation of this article, but for brevity's sake I leave them to your imagination!