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Trip Date:1999-05-30 - 0000
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For years I have managed to take a week or two from work from time to time. As I finally picked up seniority at work, I eventually recieved enough vacation to do something big.

As a kid, I grew up as a military brat. We moved a lot and made a lot of cross country trips. Now as a Dad, I decided it was time to take my daughter on a cross country trip and show her some of the world I myself had not seen in 30 yrs or more.

We traveled in my, then new, Dodge 4X4 and used the camper cap as our residence on wheels. Shortly after crossing the Mississippi River I turned off of the Interstate and continued west on secondary roads and even dirt roads in some areas. We camped as we found suitable spots, often far from the beaten path.

In the course or our trip, we managed to visit most of the major National Parks and Forest. We crossed praries, plains, mountains and deserts, often on little traveled dirt roads. We saw enough sights to almost last a lifetime. Between us, we took almost 1,000 photo's.

Here are several of my best shots from that trip. I hope you enjoy.