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Trip Date:2005-02-12 - 2005-02-18
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My first trip to Colorado. My company sent me there to visit an important customer in Longmont. A long travel for a one day meeting so I took some holidays and spent a complete week in Boulder. They offered me a renting car so I was able to visit several cities: Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Longmont, Lyons and Estes Park. Take a look at the map.
Of course I took my brand new 7D with 3 lenses (17-35mm, 50mm and 70-200mm), the vertical grip loaded with two batteries and a 2Gb Sandisk. I had all the time I want to make pictures, I did more than 400. I've tried to avoid 'postal cards' style, even if it was difficult to resist in the Rocky Montains. Note that I forgot to change the camera date/time so EXIF are wrong, you have to substract 8 hours.
Colorado is definitively a splendid state, with open-minded people, it was really cool to be there!
Note that I also created a travelogue in TrekLens.