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United Kingdom
Stonehenge (21)
Trip Date:2004-10-01 - 2004-11-19
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Countries visited:United Kingdom
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In October I traveled to London to live and work for a short while. I stayed through November and took fewer pictures than I had originally planned. Most of my time was consumed with meeting new people, and figuring out life.

I only left London once and that was to go to Stonehenge and Bath. I'm kind of disappointed I couldn't travel more, but I honestly didn't have the resources or the time to really do much else. I vow to go back though, with more money and more time.

London is a wonderful city with deep history and culture. You feel like you're in the thick of it as you sit and gaze at the city. I lived in a nice place in Camden Town, which oddly enough had a wonderful view of part of central London. My roommates and I spent Guy Fawkes day up on the roof watching the fireworks. It was quite an experience.

I highly recommend a trip to London to anyone. It's a great place with much to learn about. Bring your money though, you'll be paying hand over fist for your experience.