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Trip Date:2020-07-22 - 2020-08-18
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Countries visited:Austria, Germany
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Covid-Corona forced a change in our plans. Originally we were going to travel to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbejian, but with air travel off-limits we decided to visit the neighbouring country we were least familiar with.

Germany doesn't sound like a particularly sexy tourist destination, but we quickly discovered that there were many, many places and things we wanted to visit. At first we had planned on a big "Rundfahrt" north, east, south and west, but with so many things we wanted to do, we settled for south (mainly Bavaria) and two cities in the East: Dresden and Leipzig. That was plenty.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Fantastic museums, lovely old town centres, friendly down-to-earth people and the weather was amazing.

This was our itinerary:

1. The Rhine Valley (staying in Bacharach)
2. Heidelberg, with visits to Mannheim (Kunsthalle) and the towns of Speyer and Worms
3. Würzburg (Residence)
4. The Romantische Strasse: Rothenburg o/d Tauber and Dinkelsbühl (staying in Harburg)
5. The Bavarian Alps, staying in Oberammergau, visits to Kochel, Linderhof, Ettal and the Königssee
6. Across the border to Salzburg (Austria)
7. München, with visit to Dachau
8. Regensburg
9. Bamburg, with visit to Vierzehnheiligen
10. Weimar, with visit to Buchenwald
11. Dresden and Leipzig
12. Erfürt