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United Arab Emirates
Palm Atlantis Dubai
Palm Atlantis Dubai (6)
Trip Date:2018-02-26 - 2018-03-05
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To tell you the truth, I am not a big fan of Dubai tourism. Its all based on materialistic things, apart from the desert dunes, which is my favorite place to visit in whole UAE. But still I can never forget my 1st international holiday, which was UAE in 2018. We visited Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi for whole 6 days.

1. Flights & hotel

We booked Jet Airways flights, which left New Delhi Airport during afternoon and we were in Dubai by 6 pm. We had pre-booked a taxi which came to pick us up and dropped us at our booked hotel in Bur Dubai. I opted for Bur Dubai as its close to both Gold & spice souks, and even from Burj Khalifa.

2. Transportation

We booked a taxi for 4 full days, from the hotel reception, for which we paid around 3200 dirham, and 500 dirham tip. We were not forced for the tip, we gave as we were quite happy with our driver. Now as we were total 4 people so we opted for taxi. If we were like 1 or maximum 2 people, and walking wasn't a big problem, we would have definitely opted for local radio taxi and Dubai metro, which I later came to know that is quite similar to Delhi Metro.

3. Sites we visited

On our day 2 in Dubai, we first visited the Gold Souk, which was just 10 minute drive from our hotel. One thing which straight away took me by surprise was a big poster of Kareena Kapoor (Indian movie star) at the entrance of the souk. Now I had heard that many businesses here are run by people from India, and it's true. Even we bought some gold ornaments from a Gujarati shop, who has a total of 7 shops in whole Gold Souk. I will say that the purity of Gold in Dubai is 100% genuine.

Then by 1 pm, we came back to Bur Dubai and planned a lunch at Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe. Came to know about this place from Tripadvisor and it was nice. Now I wasn't a big fan of this place after the first visit but since it was just 2-3 minute walk from our hotel and my sister was quite liking this cafe, so we planned like a lunch on day 2 and dinner on day 4 over here.

Later on day 2, after our lunch, we left for the sand dunes area for our desert safari tour. We had booked our safari tour from the hotel, where we booked the whole jeep which came to pick us from the hotel reception by 2:30 pm. By 3:40 pm we reached a place in the desert area, where a small but awesome quad bikes were available on rent. So we paid like 150 & 250 dirham for 2 bikes and for the 1st time in my life I rode a desert bike.

More on this trip... later.