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Pirámide de Mayo & Casa Rosada
Pirámide de Mayo & Casa Rosada (0)
Trip Date:2012-12-26 - 2012-12-30
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Countries visited:Argentina
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Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Greater Săo Paulo. We visit the city in December, 2012. It was a great trip. The restaurant with increadable good meat are the main point, as the "Palacio de Las Papas Fritas" that you must have to visit.
Palermo region is the most pretty with nice architecture, restaurants and parks. The most I like was the Zoo where you can buy food to give to the animals and the Japanese Garden.
We stayed at the Recoleta region, in Wilton Hotel at Callao Street close to Santa fé Street. Is a nice cheap hotel with a good breakfast service included.
There we are close to the ice cream shop "Freddo Gelateria", with delicious gelatos. At recoleta have a famous cemetery (we don't visit it) but close there are the oldest church of Buenos Aires, the "Our Lady of Pila Church" that have a beautiful altar.
Other church we visit was the Metropolitan Cathedral ar the Microcentro region. A Very big and pretty Cathedral, with pretty paints and saint images. I took may photos inside this church.
At thi Microcentro beyond the church we have the Plaza Mayo with many historical buildings including the Casa Rosada (Pink House) where is located the Argentina President.
Close to this region is cloated the Puerto Madero (Madero Seaport), that was all rebuilt and now abrogate many grat restaurants and moderns skyscrappers.
I like the Buenos Aires city, is was a short 4 days trip, but we do many things there and I hope go back there soon.