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Over Santiago
Over Santiago (62)
Trip Date:2012-06-22 - 2012-07-02
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Countries visited:Argentina, Chile, United States, Uruguay
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My wife and I decided in late April to take a two-week trip to South America - our largest trip together. Our plan was to fly into Santiago de Chile, stay there for a few days, then fly to Uruguay and stay in Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento before crossing La Plata to Buenos Aires. We would spend four days in BA before heading home. The shots here are my record of that trip, which was a wonderful experience, and my first time in South America (my wife had previously been to Peru - she kicks my butt when it comes to sheer amount of travel).

Our trip was interrupted somewhat by plane delays, which caused us to miss our connection to Santiago at the start of the trip; instead we found ourselves in Atlanta, Georgia for the day. I've included some shots from Atlanta in this travelogue.

On the trip, we visited the following places:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Santiago, Chile
Valparaiso, Chile
Los Dominicos, Chile
Montevideo, Uruguay
Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay
Buenos Aires, Argentina
San Isidro, Argentina