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La vie en rose
La vie en rose (30)
Trip Date:2011-06-03 - 2011-06-26
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Countries visited:Greece
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June 13:
"Almost the end of our first day in Santorini. After the dinner in a very good ouzeri that's simply called 'Ouzeri' we strolled back to our hotel at the edge of town and continued talikng about this fascinating island. We were kinda tired. First the 4 hour Flying Cat 3 trip from Tinos: fast and covenient but not offering the thunderous high speed delight of its predecessor, the Flying Dolphin. And after arrival in our lovely hotel (Villa Koronios) we had made a 3,5hour hike criss crossing throuh Fira, Phirostefani and Imerovigli. Tired but in high spirits due to the fab island gestalt and a few small bottles of our favourite ouzo (Barbagiannis blè) we had with our food. During our talk we kicked around some questions: Is Santorini the most touristic destination in the Med ? Probably. The unique combination of its gorgeous vulcanic setting and beauty and the dense vertical urbanization of the the three main towns (Fyra, Imerovigli and Oia) is fascinating, and really has to be seen, even for the keen off the beaten track traveller. And is it possible to avoid photograhiic clichés capturing it ? Well...sometimes you have to embrace them."

June 22:
"Naxos almost the blue hour. Delightful. We went out to shoot the Portara. The Aegean got a little rough (as it often does in the evening) and the people on the breakwater had to take care not be sprayed by the waves. After shooting we joined the 'paseo' on the boulevard.
Naxos has great natural beauty but the night life - fueled by an excellent set of restaurants and (cocktail-)bars - is not be missed too. So check out La vie en rose on You tube and pls don't expect Edith Piaff but a more suitable version for the loungy atmosphere of a night on the town ;-)"