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Trip Date:2011-09-07 - 2011-09-21
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I was wondering where I could go to next for my next vacation. My friend decides for me. "Come visit me here in Philippines. Then you can take me to Bohol" She said. That is when I asked her, "Is there much to do on the island you live on?" With some research, I found that the island of Leyte actually has a lot for people to see. The only issue is that the island does not really get promoted a lot. So I decided to go on the undiscovered areas of Leyte.

It all started by flying into the city of Manila where I started my trip. There I meet a different friend who showed me how hard it is to be a vegetarian in Philippines. I also visited Intramuros, the walled area of Manila. I also got to experience a random storm that prevented me to take photos of the sunset/sunrise of Manila bay.

Afterwards I flew in the capitol of Leyte, Tacloban, a fantastic city of many things. Not nearly as large as Manila but still somewhere worth visiting. There are famous historical landmarks all around Tacloban, mostly to do with MacArthur's landing in Philippines. Or, like me, you can sit on your but in Leyte Resort Hotel.

After some relaxing I wander off to my friends home village, a small town known as MacArthur, with not much to do, but to sit and relax and get to know the locals. Everyone was friendly, with their stares of curiosity, each wanting to know who I was. The Monbon Resort was a great place to just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Abuyog offered a great sense of nature as well as an amazing natural spring for some nice cool swimming, a great way to get away the humid heat.

Baybay offered gorgeous beaches and a wonderful market, and Maasin offered a lot of beautiful hiking and caves to explore.

The tourist filled island of Bohol offered many sites to see, gorgeous beaches and amazing nature all around. Not to mention the famous Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, the world's smallest primates.

All of it came back to Manila where I hung out in the slums of Divisoria, enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Wagas Market and ate with people with real soul.

I came back with some amazing memories.