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Fathepur Sikri
Fathepur Sikri (1)
Trip Date:2011-01-13 - 2011-02-03
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Countries visited:India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
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We starting our trip in Sheich Hussein Bridge - the border checkpoint between Isral and Jordan.
We took a bus to amman, passing through the Jordanian city of Irbid. Spent a few hours in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, and took a plane to New Delhi.

We prepared ourselves to what we would meet in India, but still - it was a big shock. Luckily, we had a pre-ordered hotel for the first day, so we didn't have to search for one at 5 AM, tired and shocked.

But after a couple of hours we went out to explore the city, the market, the crooks, the homeless people, the endless noise of horns and traffic.

Well, this is India.

It was a three weeks trip. From Delhi we took a train (which was found very comfort and clean) to Haridwar, but from this point we had to continue by buses, a much less pleasant experience.

From Haridwar to Rishikesh. Then Amritsar, which was vry interesting. Then, back to lower Himmalaya - Dharamsala, where we enden the tour in the North.

The next target was Agra and the kewel in the crown - the Taj Mahal. U/nfortunately, we could not find an available train, and had to spend two days for this journey - a flight to Delhi, an endless travel by bus from Delhi to Agra. But Agra was amazing - The Taj, Pathefur Sikri, and some beautiful pictures.

The next destination was Rajasthan. We started in Jaipur, and we fell in love with this city. The old city is well designed, with wide streets, and a uniform architecture of the building. The bazars are very colorful and very pleasant. We decided to stay longer than planned, so we had to cut the next Rajasthani cities. Except from Pushkar, which we found too touristic.

We ended the tour in Delhi, and then a flight vback to Amman, and by buses back to Tel Aviv.

21 days is really to short for India. We will be back, for sure.