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Mausoleum of Mohammed V
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Trip Date:2007-12-29 - 2008-01-03
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Al-Maghreb, meaning in most Western European countries the definition of "Morocco", both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast, the colors and I always was thinking of going to the land of quiet desert. The charming towns to travel to Morocco to do, our time with an unlimited source of information on the Internet as a result of my research, increased twice as much excitement in me. Morocco's colorful and mysterious from entering the new year will pass even more colorful and made preparations by imagining myself in Istanbul, the Mediterranean Casablanka came to pass

Royal Moroccan Airlines plane in Istanbul-Casablanca, language, skin, had the geography of different step is a completely different country.

Casablanca arrived to see the darkness of the night a moment before, was eager to explore the streets. After all, had not seen before, live like never understand. The early morning with the first stop in Morocco, the world's largest religious structures of the Hassan 2 Mosque first started taking photos. Atlantic Ocean at the edge of the board of a large area 210-meter minaret of the Mosque of Hassan 2, Casablanca length of every street can be easily seen. A lady is a great patience, care and attention to all parts of the building works, such as lace embroideries of people committed enough to spell. Mosques around the sightseeing, take pictures of every detail for the next time you might spend up to 1 hour. Hassan 2 Mosque Casablanca, then turning south route is the city's streets in the old town square and turned 5.Muhammed. Casablanca the most popular destinations for tourists in the square of the Palace of Justice, the Governor, Ville des Artes (Art Museum), located in Sacre Coeur Cathedral. Together with the United Nations Square, just behind the Grand Mosque in the Old City; market, narrow streets and interesting moments for the photo and create portraits of people ... in the south of Casablanca in Morocco's capital Rabat to 90 km away from the Gare de Casaport ' I bought a ticket and went and the first train. During the time leading up to a 40-minute train Kenitre reached Rabat.

Squares of all the major cities of Morocco's King Mohammed V of Rabat reach your first name will be included travel around.

Mohammed V Avenue (Avenue Muhhamed V), cafes, government buildings, banks, post office is lined with palm trees and bright with a wide street. Souklar the lower side of the Street (Traditional Market), the up side, the minaret can be seen from afar, even Al-Sunna (Great Mosque) is located within walking distance from here and the tourists that flock to the magnificent Royal Palace, established a very wide area, the Archaeological Museum, the Palace of Justice and value of other historic buildings to visit the university. I woke up early to live my days full of Morocco. Casablanka after sunrise in a beautiful sunrise, this time to photograph Mohammed V of Rabat against the direction of the east coast with Souklar'ın boulevard from the city of Rabat and Hassan Sale'yi River Bridge that separates this Regreg relatives came after a walk of 1 hour. To provide a landscape almost insatiable sun rise and was waiting for me. V. King Mausoleum of Mohammed and Hassan Tower in consecutive starts after sunrise and half an hour pulling photos, even a great figure in the day I started watching the view from this insatiable. The two sides of the river Regreg Udaya Kasba Rabat and Sale, built on a hill overlooking the city of King V. Muhammad monument, a must-see one of the most important buildings in the history of Morocco. Monument in a field with the input of the tomb doors, guards have entered into. Muhafızlardan red cape with the permission of the inside of the visit can take photos of the grave and monument. When you look at the Mohamed V below the terrace of a large sarcophagus with two sons in the will of the sarcophagi. Carved wooden ceiling in the great dome of the structure motifs, and in particular will attract your attention. A giant gilded bronze chandelier Dome is down. Wide area at the end of the 12th century mausoleum of the period also made by the rulers Yaqub al-Mansur Mosque, Hassan looks at the ruins. Incomplete minaret of the Hassan tower, known as Building fully lined and short columns have survived. With a view of the most beautiful places in Rabat at the beginning of the architect of the greatest legacies of Morocco, 12 century, was built into the walls of the castle ruins are huge Udaya Kasba. Today, white and blue painted a pretty nice neighborhood of homes reminiscent Kasba, Ribat'ın in place in time gave its name to Rabat. Hill location makes it easy to defend the city. When you go to the farthest part of the castle, you meet a beautiful view. Rabat beach on your left professional surfers from all over the world flock to the Atlantic Ocean on the dances of the incoming waves, right side and the opposite shore Sale Regreg River divided the city ... the capital Rabat, small fishing boats leaving the scene I saw this wonderful visit to Morocco was one of the most beautiful moments of ...

The capital city of Rabat, Meknes 100 km to the east, founded by Berbers Miknase 10th century. Ismail Mevlay 17 century map of the location. In selecting the capital, received here late. His wife and said to the nearly 500 cariyesinin Ismaili Meylay harem. Ismail the magnificent structures built by the capital chosen by Mevlay Meknes'te. Meknes, then lost the power of the death of the former. Meknes'in of the most famous and magnificent structure, the architectural wonder of the Bob Mansur'dur. Meknes around the most important building is only 3 km away from the Mevlay Idris Mausoleum and 30 km north of the town and the ancient city ruins of Volubilis Roman ruins. Most of the ruins of Volubilis 3. Goes back to centuries. To move Meknes'e Mohammed V. The train reached the station took the train to Rabat Kenitre Blvd. Hospitality Internet site, which lasted 2 hours after the train ride I met friends Meknes'li Abdennour and Ridvan, Al Amir Abdelkader train station greeted me. Meknes'i they got a chance to roam through step by step to the finest detail. Meknes until the evening we ride the most beautiful buildings and bazaars in the old city walls of Medina Meknes souklar architectural wonder of the door of Bob Mansour continued. Bob Mansur passed through the Great Lala Auda Square, Mevlay Ismail Mausoleum, Morocco Art Museum, Abu Inan Theological School, the Royal Palace, the Grand Mosque and the Mosque of Olive, the other architectural and cultural monuments in Meknes.

3rd day of 2007 it was also in Morocco. Abdennour Meknes'li at the invitation of guest house to meet you. Interestingly, people living in the moment I began to think of journey passed very lucky. The terrace of his house ablaze on the streets of Morocco Meknes'in a night spent looking at. Marrakech the red city of Meknes in Morocco by imagining Al Sabah, Amir Abdelkader train station which will take approximately 8 hours by keeping the path of Rabat-Casablanca - Settat - Bengerir cities rode the last train. Around 400 km from the central parts of Morocco in the two cities but the train ride was around 500km. This long journey was very pleasant, even the red rocks, small rivers and palm trees in the evening hours among the most populous and the most popular tourist attractions of Morocco came to the city of Marrakech exotic. Atlas mountain foothills at the beginning of the desert, as well as experiencing a combination of chaos and calm in the heart of Marrakech in Morocco, and this is the city's main square, Djemaa el Fnaa Square. (Place of assembly in terms of mortals - Resurrection Square), giving you the full sense of the culture of Morocco. Snake players, instrumentalists, magicians, fortune tellers, and street vendors in Morocco's best-known dish Tajin'den anlatanlar story of the fumes 24 hours non-stop is like a completely different world ... After all, Europeans, "Marra said" the city and today Morocco Europeans have been known by the name of the present day. Morocco, a high point out of hand Fnaa Square Djamaa other architectural wonders of a silhouette of the minaret of the mosque and pulling on the complete Kutubiye. Almoravide dynasty was established in 1062 as the capital city of Marrakech, and hence the place is old and majestic. Other cities, such as Morocco, became the capital of the dynasty became very difficult. Over time, has managed to become an important commercial city. As in every city of Morocco, the old and new city Marrakech'te separated from each other.

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Marrakech Streets, slipper, Painter, Keresteci, Leather, Sepici, Carpenter has bazaars. Even on foot to get lost among the maze of narrow streets, such as providing great excitement and joy ... Kutubiye Mosque built in 19th century in terms of historical buildings is seen as a symbol of Marrakech. The Royal Palace, El Badi Palace, Al Baha Palace, Saadi Tombs (Tombeaux Saadiens), bin Yusuf Mosque and Madrasa Marrakech and Moroccan architecture ... Djamee zenginliklerindendir hand between Fnaa Square Kutubiye Mosque of Al-Muvahhid with King Mohammed V. Buses departing from the street of the city with open-top tour (Sightseeing) by joining the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the architect of the Jardin De L'agdal'ın Agdal Gardens and the palm trees growing on dry land at the bottom you can take pictures of camels. In addition, the heat of Marrakech to escape the chaos of olive and almond trees covered Urika Valley, the village barber Uzud Asni'den a waterfall and snow-covered Atlas Toubkal Mountain 4127 meters the highest peak you can watch. Today in Marrakech, Morocco continues to be one of major cities. Provides the transition between Morocco and the North Atlantic, crafts, leather making, carpets the desert, around the zinc, copper, graphite mines there and provide them income. In the meantime, important to note that tourism revenues. Morocco is a gateway between the northern desert marakech with ... a mysterious, exotic, exciting nature, economically and politically closer to Europe, unlike other African countries because the country is a mix of French and Spanish cultural heritage of Morocco, as well as the memory of cities, the colors track visitors leave ...

Transport: Plane, train travel between cities

Accommodation: Hotels, 1 Night Rabatta 4 stars, 1 Night marakech 3 stars. 1 Night in Morocco as a guest house accommodation

Economy: Cheap

Activities: Trekking

Beach Properties: Fine sandy, Atlantic Ocean coast beach in Rabat professional surfers, especially the popular destinations ...

Health: Pharmacy, Health Center, Hospital

Entertainment: Cafe, Bar, Night Club, especially Marakech'teki nightclubs, bars and cafes can spend a pleasant time. And the famous city of Casablanca in Casablanca where the film so much fun.