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Thai People
Thai People (6)
Trip Date:2010-01-23 - 2010-02-07
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Countries visited:Thailand
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Travelling across Thailand brought me many new challenges. Not only has it been to trekking from place to place, but also to meeting amazing local people encountered there. Having seen them living in their everyday environment, cultivating their traditions and culture, was the most inspirational photography experience for me so far.

THAI PEOPLE - Often, you do not understand a word they are saying to you but you will see a glow in their eyes and a willing smile as a sign of their friendliness. Backpacking across the country brings so much contact with locals welcoming you with loads of positive energy. This part of gallery contains all amazing faces and characters I was lucky to meet and photograph in Thailand and during one day visit beyond the Mekong river, in Laos.

THAI SCENERY - There is a noticeable difference between north, central and south of the country. Each region incorporates a great deal of influence from India, China, Cambodia, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Although tsunami disaster caused loss of life and major damage to property and the environment, Thailand is gradually recovering and still has a lot to offer, including the real jungle, the heavenly beaches, the fascinating limestone formations and skyscrapers.