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Trip Date:2009-03-02 - 2009-03-12
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One word for me to describe Cambodia. POVERTY.

In 2005 I was planning a visit to Cambodia with friends. At the time I was not a photographer but just wished to be traveler. It failed to happen. In 2007, I set my mind to travel there alone, bought my flight tickets but had to give them up with no refunds. In 2009, I almost could not make it. Sometimes, work is a nuisance that hampers our travel plans. But in the end, the trip was done. From 2009, photography trips and plans will be more forthcoming.

March 2-3. Kuala Lumpur. We met Latiff and Ally in late evening. Next evening we had dinner at Latiff's place and his wife showed good hospitality.

March 9-10. Phnom Penh. We met Marilyn and Laurent in Wat Phnom Monument, arriving in a motorcycle. Very stylish. After lunch, we went shooting at Royal Palace, then next day at Killing Fields ending with a great chat at their hotel and dinner later in the evening.

I must thank Alfred as my companion to make this trip successful. Although the trip was made in a rush with no plan in place, we had a good discovery of the heritage temples in Siem Reap and the monuments and museums in Phnom Penh. It was also a pleasure to have met TE members ls7902 and shevchenko in Kuala Lumpur, as well as axiotea and siolaw in Phnom Penh.

Cambodia in a way looks like Sarawak 30 years ago but the most astonishing discovery of my trip is the friendliness and hardworking Cambodian people, despite having gone through Khmer Empire, the Pol Pot regime, they are very impressive nation of people. The visit to S-21 prison and the Killing Fields in fact shocked me the most, not just as photographer but as a human being seeing the massacre of Cambodian lives. I saw the guide shedding tears while speaking and introducing the history of Khmer Rouge regime history to a group of visitors and it is also my confession that the S-21 museum brought tears to my eyes. I admit shooting 200 photos in this museum in 2 hours. The time spent there will remain in my mind permanently and caused a great impact. Perhaps I will show some photos later and welcome your critiques on them. The Royal Palace has fine architecture and National Museum has a vast collection of historical pieces.

Now I understand Khmer Empire and the Cambodian people's struggle and why so many tourists/TE photographers have visited this nation. I hope you will some day visit too. The Angkor Wat, Angkor Tom and various temple sites, simply shocking heritage of the old Empire of 600AD-14th century. A place cannot be missed.

Very strange place where everybody in Siem Reap trades in US dollars. No, you will never forget small children running to you selling goods and sourvenirs. Siem Reap, everybody bites the DUST. I hope to receive your kind feedback and critiques in the posts to follow. Thank you.

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I have shot almost 12Gb or 2000 files in Cambodia and yet to view them for selection, but as normal I will be happy to have 5% usable ones and only 1% good ones. Please tell me if any of them are not meeting your sharp eye. I will slowly upload the 1% when ready. Will I re-visit Cambodia again, you may ask, the answer is YES. Time never stands still, neither will Cambodian people. So if you are going that way, perhaps we may just bump into each other, no?

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