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Benijo dream [3]
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Trip Date:2008-10-31 - 2008-11-15
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Countries visited:Spain
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November is maybe not the hottest season on the Canary Islands, but we were definitely not disappointed by our trip.

Spanish Macaronesia includes 7 Canary Isles. We managed to visit only two of them, probably the most representative ones: Tenerife and Gran Canaria and spent one week on each one. Although the islands are usually perceived as a typical tourist destination we can tell that they have also the other side: wild and unknown.

Tenerife's landscape is dominated by Mount Teide in the centre which peak reaches over 3700m and is the highest mountain in Spain. But the rocky and severe central landscape isn't the only one worthy to see. During our seven days we explored:
- the north with its amazing bananas' plantations and tiny white houses
- Natural Park of Teno with spectacular village Masca, serpent like roads and magnificent gigantic cliffs Los Gigantes
- misty valley of Orotava full of forests decorated with unbelievably long lichens
- National Park of Teide, which includes not only the volcano, but also Las Canadas
- Anaga Peninsula in the north east part of the island

Gran Canaria offered us much better weather and sunshine most of the time. First of all we were charmed by the central uncommon formations and some picturesque little villages. But again we would recommend everyone to see the whole island. The trip feattured places like:
- dunes of Maspalomas
- valley of the Thousand Palms in Fataga
- sharp cliffs of the north from Mirador de Balcon
- Las Palmas
- Santa Lucia and the Vallley of Tirahana

Hope you will enjoy our traveloque as much as we enjoyed our trip!