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The Road to Red Rock
The Road to Red Rock (8)
Trip Date:2004-02-13
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I had been in Las Vegas for a weeklong conference and had about had my fill of the Casino's and glitz of downtown. I had anticipated slipping away for some shooting, but had to settle for a couple early morning hours before catching my plane. I have visited the area a number of times so I had some ideas about where to go.

I first headed off to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It's only about 15 miles from the strip and easily accessable by car. This was important since I was at the mercy of a rental. The area is populated by a wide variety of wildlife, depending on the time of year. As this is part of the Mojave Desert, you can expect to see burro's, wild horses, desert tortise, jack rabbit and many others. On this day the weather started out brisk, about 29 deg F. I didn't see much in the way of wild life, but the air was cool and clear, great for landscapes. I would have settled for some clouds to accent the sky, but you take what you get.

Not far from Red Rock Canyon is an old trail that runs through Lovell Canyon on it's way to Pahrump. Off Rt 160, just west of Mountain Springs, is a hardtop road to the right. This is Lovell Canyon road. It runs several miles before intersecting with Trout Canyon Rd. The Lovell Canyon Rd is paved, but you would probably be well advised not to try the Trout Canyon road with out at least some ground clearance. These roads roughly follow the course of an old spanish trail and one of the first roads to this part of the country. If you have time, petroglyphs and an assortment of ruins can be found.