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Sabah - Maiga island
Sabah - Maiga island (58)
Trip Date:2008-03-05 - 2008-03-16
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My 1st trekk up Mt Kinabalu summit was July 29, 2007 and it was without a good camera and no sunrise. So another plan was made to try again in 2008, and this time 5 of us as a group. It was decided in September 2008 and booking was made.

Training was done weekly on regularly basis. Help was given when Sabah TE member Rabani gave some helpful guides and tips on our routes. On March 5, flying from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu took 1.5 hours and it rained. The drive from airport straight to Mt K National Park took another 2 hours. Stayed overnight at Mersilau Resort after registration all done. On March 6, we trekked up Mersilau Trail at 8am, after breakfast. It rained. Reached Laban Rata after 8 hours. This was not as good as my 2007 trekk of 5.5hrs.

March 7, we started climbing at 3am in rain and heavy wind to reach summit at 7.30am. No sunrise again. Returned to Laban Rata at 9.30am in rain and heavy wind. Retreated down to Mt K National Park and met with Sabah TE members at Bayu Homestay at 4.30pm. Had dinner and next morning went with them to Kundasang, Ranau, Poring and Sabah Tea, after which we went on our own to Sandakan for night stay at Lodge Hotel.

March 9, drove to Lahad Datu and found Tabin Wildlife Park but unable to enter due to poor road conditions for our car. Stayed a night at Hotel Mido (not a good one). March 10 drove to Semporna town, hired a boat and went to Maiga island for a photo shoot, then returned to mainland and stayed a night at Seafest Inn.

March 11, hired same boat to Mabul Island and went snorkling, stayed a night at homestay. Shooting sunset and sunrise. Returned to mainland after lunch. Drove to Tawau on March 12, stayed a night at hotel. March 13 drove to Tawah Hills Park, trekked to hot springs at 3.2km and stayed a night at Park chalet. Hornbills, monkeys and squirrels. But a lof of leaches.

March 14 drove to Kundasang and stayed a night. March 15 drove to Tip of Borneo for photo shoot and stayed a night at Kudat. March 16 drove to airport and flew back to Kuching.

Among the most interesting places worth another visit will be Mt Kinabalu Park, climb summit, Kundasang, Ranau, Poring, Kudat's Tip of Borneo, Sepilok Sanctuary, Tabin Wildlife Park, Semporna, Sipadan, Mabul, Maiga, Kapalai islands, Danum Valley, KK's Manukkan island, Tanjuung Aru.

Based on rainfall data that March would be the driest month for Sabah, it turned out rain made a little upset to our trekking and photography trip. Our Kuching team members are alftrek/TE, jong/TL, hoe, evelyn and trekks/TE/TL. I am glad to meet up with Sabah's Rabani/TE, Ramdan/TE/TL and Fadzil/TE and thank you for your company of a day's shoot-out at Kundasang, Ranau, Poring and Sabah Tea lunch.

Some photos are taken to share with you. I hope you will see some interesting places through these photos. For those of you who read up to here, this is a bonus for you, click this link.

Regards, Bill
March 17, 2008