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The Morant Cays
The Morant Cays (10)
Trip Date:1995 - 1996
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Countries visited:Jamaica
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The Morant Cays are four small low-lying oceanic islands situated approximately 60km south east of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. They are located on the south-eastern rim of the Morant Bank which rises up from the surrounding sea floor which is over 1000m deep.

The largest of the four islands is North East Cay, seen here, which houses approximately 50 fishermen. Some live here permanently in wooden, zinc-roofed huts; others come and go periodically carrying fish back to the mainland. It is a hard life on the island - there is no electricity and no running water and everything except fish has to be brought over.

Surrounded by coral reefs the cays are a haven for sea birds, turtles, fish and other wildlife. Every day when the weather is good the fishermen on this island set about catching fish, normally in what are known as Z traps. When the weather is bad (and it is often real bad even in the height of summer) the boats have to be anchored down and days are spent making and mending traps, playing dominoes and cards, and listening to the reggae on the radio.

That is, if one can get a reception.

In 1995 and 1996 I spent 3 months each year living on South East Cay - a tiny island only 950m in circumference - in a tent. I was part of a research team documenting and mapping the surrounding reefs, fauna and flora for the Jamaican Fisheries Division and the South Coast Conservation Foundation. It was an amazing trip, and besides keeping my photos to myself I thought it might be nice to share some of them here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.