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Chinese smile
Chinese smile (16)
Trip Date:2007-07-05 - 2007-08-25
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Countries visited:China
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In the excellent company of my wife and my 4-year old daughter...

Highlights included:
- a couple of days in the buddhist mountain sanctuary of Wutaishan
- the relaxed old time feel in Kaifeng
- a walk through history in the Confucian forest
- sheltering from the rain in the old village of Zhujiayu
- awe-inspiring buddhist art at Yungang and Longmen
- relaxing in Pingyao while admiring its architecture
- the fabulous new art and history museum of Taiyuan
...and the food, the food, the food!

Also this was a first trip after we had (more or less) seriously learned to speak some Chinese and it was just great fun to put it to test.