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Picknick in paradise
Picknick in paradise (24)
Trip Date:2007-07-29 - 2007-08-22
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Countries visited:China, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
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A year before actually making this trip I knew it would include Cebu in the Philippines. The rest was still unknown at that moment.
After having been in Australia I wanted to see more of Malaysia since I had changed planes there but not seen the country. That was supposed to be my second destination during this trip. After some searching on internet I decided to include Hong Kong and Singapore as stop over destinations because of most suiting flight shedules.

First stop: Hong Kong
In Hong Kong I visited the Peak, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the Sha Tin suburb during the 33 hours I had for my stop over. I had expected more Chinese architecture but most of what I saw was high rise apartment and office buildings without any Chinese influence.

Next stop: Philippines
The main purpose of my trip, Cebu city and Cebu island as well as the Bohol province. The Philippines is very different from what I have seen so far during my travels. I found it a very interesting place to visit wih much variety between city and rural areas and very friendly people. I have only seen a small part of this beautiful country so I will definately go back.

Third stop: Singapore
I spend here 1 day but that seems enough after having seen Hong Kong. I did not really have a plan for the day in Singapore, no travel guide either so I just walked around.

Last stop: Malaysia
Entering from Singapore, renting a car and ending in Kuala Lumpur after about a week. My route went from Johor Bahru via the south-western tip of Malaysia via Melaka, Cameron Higlands and Taiping to Penang and from there back to Kuala Lumpur. The western coast area south of Melaka I did not find to interesting but the rest I really enjoyed showing a large diversity of landscapes.

Final fligt: After 3,5 weeks in South East Asia back home to the Netherlands.