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Nyhavn (6)
Trip Date:2007-10-05 - 2007-10-08
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Countries visited:Denmark
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Going there by car we arrived Friday night (5 Oct.) and we had to leave Monday morning (the 8th), but a two-and-a-half-day stay in this city is way to short. Unfortunately there was too little time to do everything we wanted to do (hadn't had a boat tour, Tivoli was closed etc.). The city itself is quite small, the people are very nice and the weather was absolutely lovely. A great autumn-trip to a fantastic city. No clubs for the weekend, but some nice bars with live music instead. A lot of things can be done by foot, but there are also a lot of bikes in the city.

A truly lovely city!

Also had the opportunity to find my way with my new Olympus mju 770 digital compact camera (waterproof, really!). It takes a little getting used to a compact camera if you’re used to the digital SLR cameras, but I think it worked quite well.