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Congo Democratic Republic
Women @ work (I)
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Trip Date:2007-08-19 - 2007-08-27
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I got the chance to enter the restricted diamond mining region of Kasaï in the very heart of DR Congo.
The mining center of Mbuji Mayi "world capital of industrial diamond" has now become the second largest city of DR Congo (3.000.000 people) ... but still looks like a village with no running water and no electricity (except for privileged people).
Roads and railways built during colonial times are out of order. Any consumable has to arrive by plane... hence the cost of a cement bag reaches close to 50 US$ !!
In the bush around the city you will meat thousands of people walking, walking and walking ... women wearing water, vegetables or stones on their heads... young men pushing bicycles loaded with close to 200kg material... you will never see any animal doing the same job ! There are simply no donkeys, no cows,... only chicken or goats !
Kasaï is a lost and forgotten province whose future is unclear as diamond mining is severely declining.
I wish all of us could have the chance to visit such place in their live.
Posting these pictures on TE is essential to me !