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Bosnia & Herzegovina
Tromostovje (2)
Trip Date:2006-04-09 - 2006-05-01
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Countries visited:Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia
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Alright, this is the first time that I've done a travelogue, so hopefully people find it entertaining, interesting, and informative (or at least one of the three...).

Before this trip I'd been to the Balkans twice before. The first time was as a member of KFOR when I spent about six months in Kosovo from April to November 2002, and the second was as a week-long trip that I took along the Dalmatian coast in October 2004. Almost immediately I found the history, geography, and cultural make-up of the region very intriguing. When the shear beauty of the region is added to that it really makes for one of favorite travel destinations.

So, I began this trip on April 9th by hopping on a train in Bamberg, Germany, headed for Ljubljana, Slovenia. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but the only reservation that I had was a flight back to Germany on May 1st. From Ljubljana, I knew I would go on to Zagreb, Plitvitce Lakes, Split, and Mostar, but I really wasn't sure which way I would go from there.