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Trip Date:2003-08-04 - 2003-08-18
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Kosovo 2003

In 99 a lot of Kosovo-Albanian leave Kosovo and get spread all over the world. Over 100 of them came to Birkenes in Norway, the same place that I was then. 9 of them join my school. During two year we became good friends, and 7 of my friends was sent back. In August 2003 was it time for me, over two years since I last saw them, to leave Norway for visiting them at their homes and their country. Not in the norwegian cultur, but in an albanian cultur. Living, tasting, eating, working and try to speaking the way they do...

Monday 4th of August - Thursday 7th of August:
During this periode I stayed in Radavc, the last village on the way from Pejė (the 2nd largest city of Kosovo) to the border of Montenegro (direction north). Here I stayed at the family to my friends Visar. The family had 14 members. It was the grandparents, two of their sons with wifes, and 8 grandchildren. Visar was one of them. They had tree houses together, and two of them were build after the war 1999. They lived on a typical Albanian farm. They got some field for gras around the area, animals like sheep, cow, horse, hens and dogs. They also got a field with a lot of vegetables: onion, maizes, potato, tomato, beans, watermelon, pumkin and so on.

In Radavc I knew three person: Visar, Rexhep (cousin of Visar's father) and Mentor (friend and neighbour of Mentor), who all knew Norwegian, and I were able to comunicate with language, else I have to use the body, and start to learn some Albanian.

During this periode in Radavc I used the most of the time in Radavc. We were visiting a great tourist attraction, the waterfall wich name I have forgotten. A lot of cold fresh water that came straight out of the mountain. Had some trip to the swimmingpool, take part in some of the work at the field (didn't work that well for me, su I just have to watch and play with the kid, and try comunicate with the elders). And since we were so near Pejė we had one day there too.

Thursday 7th of August - Sunday 10th of August:
This morning I leave with bus on my own from Pejė to Balincė ont he way to Pristinė. Here I got picked up by Basri, another of my friends from Norway. His brother Faruk was also among those I knew from Norway. All of his family had been in Norway, so all of them speaked in some way Norwegian so the communication worked in Norwegian. This area has the same problem with electrisity as Radavc, and is quite more dry.

Not far away from Balincė is a place called Arllat. Here the family of two other friend, Mahije and Vjollca, lives. Their mother was sister to Basri and Faruk's father, so the children were cousins. The whole family of Mahije and Vjollca were also staying in Norway (not the oldest sister who was married before the war). The second oldest sister is yet staying in Norway were she is married. But there were still 5 sister and one brother living at home. I only knew the two oldest one, but got soon known to them also. At this family almost everyone speak and understand very well norwegian, so we had a lot of fun with many kind of games. Also looking at videos and photos from Norway.

As I understand it was between this two places the war begins. The albanian forces had stayed nearby the house of Basri, and the Serbian on the hill nearby Mahije.
Both in Balincė and Arllat we had some trips around the area and get known to the way they made some of their food.

Sunday 10th of August - Friday 15th of August:
Travelled back to Pejė and Radavc Sunday morning. New period at Visar'sfamily. lot of the same that in last periode, but this time we used more time in Pejė. Had some nights there.

From Tuesday the 12th to Wednesday the 13th I, Visar, Ardi (brother of Visar), Astrit (Visar's cousin) and one other friend started our trip to the top of Mt. Rusulija (2379 meter over sealevel). They said that there were both wolfes and bears there, but we only see a turtle and a snake (though it was a very dangerous one). This was one of the biggest experience during my stay. Great natures and views. It was going straight upwards. Slept under a great sky with fullmoon and stars, and went further to the top next day.

Friday 15th of August - Monday 18th of August:
Visar and Mentor drived me back to Arllat on Friday. Spent some hours there together before they went back home. Used my time until Sunday together with Mahije's family. The father was a teacher, so on Saturday we had a trip to look at some very old rest of settlements nearby. It might be 10.000-13.000 years old, build by the Albanians predecessor Illyrian.

This family were going to a wedding on Sunday, I went to the Kelmendis place, were I stayed to the day after. Monday Faruk, Barak (brother of Faruk) and Mahije took me to Pristinė Airport, were I left Kosovo for my first time in my life, going back to studies in Norway.

Pejė, Radavc and Mt. Rusulja Pec DN4:2, Radavce DN4:3, Mt. Rusulja DN3:3. The places stand in the Serbian language[Source:]
Balincė Balincė and Arlat DN8:1. The places stand in the Serbian language. (They who lived in Balincė didn't live where it said at the map, but along the big road from Arllat, direction west.)[Source:]