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Buk  Zava
Buk Zava (2)
Trip Date:2006-09-12
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Countries visited:Turkey
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This is a travelogue about the mystic, special and unknown place Buk Zava.
Its name is Kurdish and means: "Bride and Bridegroom" because of its legend: the legend tells about a Kurdish bride and bridegroom. Behind the big rock near the Euphrates` water you see a way that redounds to a 20m long stair who birngs you to the second entrance of Buk u Zava. The stair itself is carved out of stone.

The whole orange arc on the rock shows the inner grot-system of Buk Zava, constructed in a ca. 60m high hill. On the right angle you see the two-storied entrance of it. Following the partly level- and partly vertical-going aisles it is possible to climb until the highest grot (which we tried to do, but failed).

Althought called "Bride and Bridegroom", nobody knows the real meaning of that place. But it is told that a mighty king let build a secret place where he could hide "if the worst comes to the worst".
The grot-system itself could be built during the Golden Era of Mesopotamia, but there has never been an archeological research to certify that.
Buk Zava: worth to study and to visit...
(Its location is near the Kurdish village Wahn, or with its turkish name: Sirataslar Ky)