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Mabry Mill II
Mabry Mill II (48)
Trip Date:2006-10-27 - 2006-11-01
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When I can, my favorite mode of transportation is my truck. This weekend, having recently aquired my new Nikon D2Xs I was itching to find something to shoot.

I began my trip with threatening clouds and warnings of bad weather. As I made my way along Maryland's eastern shore into Viginia, things began to deteriorate, with the first winds and sprinkles. By the time I got across the Cheasepeak Bay Bridge and Tunnel, I could see it was gonna get serious. After passing Norfolk, the skies opend up and drenched everything in heavy rain. Getting to the Outer Banks about dinner time, I looked for camping, but low and behold to my chagrin, there were no open campgrounds this weekend. So pulling into a Holiday Inn, I checked in for the night and took dinner. That might nature worked it's wrath dumping heavy rain and battering with high winds.

The next day expecting the worse, shortly after fueling and stopping at the Wright Brothers Memorial, the skies abruptly cleared producing as nice sky as one could ask for. Making my way south, I hit all of the light houses and life saving stations along the way. After taking the ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island, I made my way westward towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. Staying overnight near Ashville, I was rewarded by a good nights rest and fine breakfast the next morning.

Taking two days to cover the last leg of the trip, I spent as much time looking and taking in the sights as possible. Because the road is not heavily traveled at this time of year, driving is a joy. With low speed limits and broad vistas, it's one of the nicest drives in the entire USA. Along the way are museums, historical sites, and remnants of the life that has existed here into prehistory. If you're interested in farms, mills, log cabins, mountain life, crafts, music and arts, you can find it all here. The campgrounds are clean and comfortable as well.