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Trip Date:2006-10-10 - 2006-10-13
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Countries visited:Iraq
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For "Festivala Maxmur", the refugees of Maxmur made own folklore groups, theatre performances, they sang and made an exhibition of Kurdish Art - painted by the refugees themselves.
There were also many famous Kurdish artists (Ībrahīm Rojhilat, Rojda, Xanemīr, Kawa etc.) who came from different parts of world. Just to make the refugees happy.

Mexmūr is a refugee camp for Kurds who had to escape from Turkey because of the military operations Turkish military made against the PKK in the 1980/90ies: 4000 Kurdish villages (in Turkey) got depleted and destroyed. Most of their inhabitants escaped into Iraq where the Camp of Mexmur was founded.
The Festīvala Mexmūr reminds the refugees on their sad destination.
We were there last year and made some photos of the festival and the inhabitants themselves.

It was a great time. I hope you like the photos