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The Best of Turkey [30.]
The Best of Turkey [30.] (30)
Trip Date:2006-09-24 - 2006-10-14
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Countries visited:Turkey
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Turkey has always fascinated both me and my girlfriend. We`ve heard that each area of the country has its own spirit, history, landscape and even cuisine. With its wonderful nature, cultural mix and a 10,000 years-old heritage, much of which is still being uncovered, Turkey has so much on offer that it is not surprising one trip there is never enough.

Seduced by all the attractions we decided to visit this historical crossroad between eastern and western cultures. As far as it`s possible we never use any help of travel agents to organise our trips. Arranging things on our own gives us oportunity to experience the real life in the places we visit and feel their atmosphere better. We bought then the return tickets from London and chose Istanbul as the starting point for our trekking. We had 3 weeks to our flight back and therefore were able to include the most interesting and famous places in our route:

Istanbul - Izmir - Selcuk - Efez - Dilek National Park - Pammukale - Fethiye - Saklikent Gorge - Olu Deniz - Antalya - Termessos - Kapadokya - Istanbul.

The foremost advantage of independent travelling is that despite a planned route you still have a great freedom of choice. With your backpack on, it’s all up to you – if you like the place then you stay there for longer, if you don`t, you just take a bus and keep going.
We used the public transport only and slept in inexpensive hotels or hostels. To have a complete notion of what Turkey is like we tried its fantastic cuisine. Selfcatering is not a good idea since you can dine in restaurants serving very good, hot meals for the price of supermarket food.

Every day brought new experiences to us and a chance to see something unknown. During the trek we focused on sightseeing and taking photos. It resulted in creating our personal travelogue which now I would like to share with you. The total amount of photographs coming here from this trip is 50. I hope that my selection of pictures will make the travelogue interesting and will leave you with some sense of longing for more. I also hope that our experiences and memories will encourage you to live through your own adventure in Turkey.

I will submit more information with the photographs to come. The photographs will be posted chronologically, according to our route mentioned above, so that you know what to expect next. A new post every day! Enjoy!