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Istrian kazun
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Trip Date:2006-05-07
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We did the Limska Draga tour in the full blossoming spring. Probably this is the best time for it, also a nice autumn day would be fine. We started the tour in Sveti Lovrec Pazinaticki, where we parked the car and first made a tour around this old town. Once it was a military garrison, still today you can see ruins of its walls, there's a church of St. Martin to visit, a nice main square with loggia and a few old villas to see.

From Sveti Lovrec we biked towards the East. A nice asphalt road, with almost no traffic at all, brought us first into Kringa, already on the edge of Limska Draga canyon, and from there more towards the North into Tinjan, a very picturesque town, standing also high above Limska Draga. Along this road we saw many kazuns (pronounced: kazhoon), small, rounded shepherds shelters, which are so typical for Istria.

After sightseeing Tinjan - it has also some nice old houses - we took a macadam road down into Limska Draga valley. The direction is South, we follow the roadsign towards Sveti Petar u Sumi. Reaching the bottom of the valley we leave the road and continue by cart-roads. They are hard to follow, as today along the whole valley no more one single path goes. This part of the valley is very lonesome and beautiful.

After a few kilometers the cart-road starts ascending over the left slope of the valley, we gain some 50 meters of altitude and reach the other road, which descends from Sveti Petar u Sumi into Limska Draga. Actually we only cut a big turn of the valley. On this point we should decide whether to visit also Sveti Petar. It is certainly worth visiting, as it has a nice monastery which is now being renewed. But let us continue the tour along the valley.

By the macadam road we again descended down into the valley and there again left the road by a cart-road. Another lonely part of the valley is ahead of us. We follow cart-roads, even only weak trails, later cart-roads start ascending over the right slope, but again turn down and bring us in the middle of the valley, where they disappear completely. We cycled by weak paths towards the South, hit another road, crossed it again and by better and better cart-roads cycled all the way towards the South. Then the valley starts to turn in the western direction and after some more kilometers we reach the Dvigrad ruins.

Dvigrad is today a ghost town. But once it was a strong and important forticifation, guarding the merchant route along the valley. It was abandoned in the 16th century, after several wars and a plague. It is certainly most rewarding to ascend the hill with ruins and do some sightseeing.

From St. Mary's church below Dvigrad we continue cycling along the Limska Draga valley. The road is better and better, but still macadam. Below the 115 meter high pillars of the new istrian highway we continue towards the west. The landscape is similar, but when in the distance we see high rocks on the right, we know that we reached the Lim bay. We'll probably take a rest there. From the end of the bay also a marked path goes some 100 meters of altitude (over the southern slopes) to the cave of St. Romuald who in prayer and meditation spent three years in this cave, from 1001 until 1004.

Now the final part of the tour is ahead of us. From Lim bay we must take the main road and do the whole ascent to Sveti Lovrec. The road is frequented only till the crossroad above the bay.