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Trip Date:2006-01-02 - 2006-01-15
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Countries visited:Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
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Siem Reap (Angkor), Luan Prabang & Ayutthaya. It was an experience I do not have words to describe. I confess I am a junkie of architectural sites. Superb, astonishing, exemplary, astounding etc. etc.... even these adjectives fall short of describing what I felt. On the lighter vein, we had become paper millionaires for two weeks, with one Greenback fetching 4000 Riels in Cambodia & 10,600 Kips in Laos. I felt rich not only in the economic sense but also in the levels of the mind and heart. Time just flew past as I feasted on the great world heritages. Angkor,Luang Prabang and Ayutthaya all carry legacies of India. Hindu kings built Angkor while Buddhist architecture, which has shaped Luang Prabang & Ayutthaya, have their roots in India. And the people in both places acknowledge that. It is on seeing these amazing works of art and culture in distant countries that I felt what a great country I belong to, and that I was proud to be an Indian.