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United States
Denali (20)
Trip Date:2003-07-07 - 2003-07-08
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I stayed in the Riley Campground, which to my taste is to "urbanized". It's situated between the highway, a train station and the airport, so it's noisy day and night and under no circumstance will it provide a "wilderness" experience. My next trip I will use the camper bus and pack in.

Bus is the only way into the park, unless you choose to go it on foot or by bicycle. The bus route ends at Wonder Lake near the base of Denali. It's a 90 mile, 11-12 hour round trip (not counting excursions), but you can get off and hike, walk or simply take in the sites and catch the next bus, if it has space available.

On this day I was able to count myself among the fortunate. It is said that only one of three people actually gets to even see the mountain, and then it's usually partially shrouded in cloud. On this day, this shroud was completely lifted revealing splendor only a few are privileged to see.

Wildlife while spread thinly through this arid and harsh environment is sometimes invisible to visitors. But on this day I was graced with the privilege of seeing sights that I could only imagine. Bears, sheep, caribou, moose, marmot, pica, eagles and and and and.... were all there and visible.