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Trip Date:2003-07-03 - 2003-07-06
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After spending a couple days with a friend in Anchorage, I took off north to see what I could find. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to take a peek at Denali.

I especially like taking the less used ways of getting places. I will go out of my way to travel a dirt road. In this case that way would be the Denali Highway, and getting there is a treat in it self. The Denali Highway is the old road to Denali National Park; a 130 mile long road that is mostly dirt and gravel and maintained at minimum cost and to minimum requirements. There are a few spots along the way to acquire services, but they are limited and scarce. Camping however is available at virtually any spot along the way. Much of the land is BLM land and is open to the public.

The road skirts the southern face of the Alaska Range and offers scenic splendor on a constant basis. Along the way are several major peaks, dozens of glaciers and hundreds of lakes. In places the land is covered in forest of white or black spruce, other spots it is covered in the grasses and brush of the tundra and some areas are wetlands with pothole lakes linked by streams and laced with rivers.

My first night while camping I had a wolf visit my camp. I was warming some beef stew and I guess he was hoping for an invite. Unfortunately when I moved for my camera, he decided he wasn't being welcomed, as he should have been and left.

The opportunities to view wildlife abound here. Ptarmigan, eagle, fox, bear, wolf, caribou, dall sheep, wolverine and more are all here to be seen... if you'll take the time.