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Göteborg is the second biggest city in Sweden and the fifth biggest city in the Nordic countries with almost half a million citizens. The city is located at the western coast of Sweden along the river Göta Älv, not far from Kattegat. The city is located in the county (län) of Västra Götaland and in the two provinces (landskap): Bohuslän and Västergötland.

In the early 17th century, King Gustaf II Adolf tried to found a city at the Swedish western coast and the location of the present Göteborg was the only point of the Western coastline that was part of Sweden. The land south of that point was Danish, north for it the land was Norwegian (but Norway was actually in those days also a part of Denmark).
In 1607 Gustaf II Adolf tried for the first time to found Göteborg, but the Danes destroyed this city a couple of years later during the Kalmar War. The second attempt in 1621 was succesful and in the following years Dutch, Scottish and German people were invited to Göteborg to develop the city. In 1658 East-Danish provinces (Skåne, Halland and Blekinge) became Swedish following the Treaty of Roskilde.

As said Göteborg is nowadays the second biggest city of Sweden, after Stockholm. The city has some nice canals, that are an inheritance of the Dutch people in the 17th century (but the city itself doesn't look like Amsterdam). Göteborg has a lot to offer, like:
Culture: Göteborgs Stadsmuseum (City Museum) and Göteborgs Konstmuseum (Art Museum)
Amusement: Avenyn (The Avenue with a lot of cafés and bars) and the amusement park Liseberg
Historic places: Skansen Kronan (part of the old defensive works) and the part of the city called Haga
Nature: Skärgården (Archipelago) and Slottsskogen, a big park

In this travelogue I'd like to show you the city of Göteborg, which is really a nice place! Hope you'll like it! :-D