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Stockholm boatlifeEbbeGroup18A collection of pictures of ships and boats along the qays in Stockholm
KTH - Stockholm (Royal Institute of Technology)CoyotytoGroup3For gathering pictures taken on or from KTH Campus. (more historical information on KTH in the notes). --- Regroupement des photos prises à KTH. (plus d'informations historiques dans les différentes notes.)
Stockholm, a beauty on waterCoyotytoGroup19This sentence is the motto of the town's tourism office. The inner city is built on 14 islands, the archipelago counts around 25.000 of them ! Water is everywhere and gives the city this irresistible charm. A collection of pictures showing the Venice of the North, Stockholm.
Stockholm at nightBudapestmanPersonal9None
STOCKHOLM AND ITS ARCHIPELAGOSam_CHPersonal28Pictures of Stockholm, from the city aand from its beautiful archipelago.
Sweden - STOCKHOLM - July 2014 !npecanhukPersonal14Gallery with pictures taken in SWEDEN'S CAPITAL CITY in July 2014, during my trip to some Scandivanian Countries.