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Scavenger Hunt Details
Name:Summer of '04 Hunt
Start Date:2004-06-01
End Date:2004-07-31
Length:62 days
# Items:12
1:A Reflection Off Something Other Than Water
2:Rush Hour
 A shot taken showing traffic congestion during the busiest time of the day. Even small villages have a busiest time
3:Someone or a Team Practicing or Playing a Sport Competitively
 This can include pick up games or informal competitions, but they must be playing to win
4:An Animal in Its Natural Habitat
 No zoo animals or pets, these must be non-captive animals
5:A Group of Exactly Four People
6:Repetitive Patterns
7:A Musician(s) In Action
8:Something (or Someone) Greater Than 200 Years Old
9:A Shot of a Building With No Perspective Distortion
 This will be tougher than it seems. To do so, your film/sensor must be completely perpendicular to the ground (unless you are using a shift lens, if you have to ask what that is, you aren't using one
10:Something Orange
11:A Pathway or Roadway Leading to a Vanishing Point
12:A Shot Taken During a Storm of Some Type
 Can be a rain storm, wind storm, snow storm, etc.