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United States

Thanks for taking a look at my profile along with some of the many pictures that I have posted here on Trek Earth.

As you will see, many of my pictures have a coastal flavor to them. The sea is a great inspiration for me as is erosion and decay which you will see evidence of in my work.

From August 2007 to August 2008 I was fortunate enough to be in my hometown of Brightlingsea in Essex. It’s an old fishing village off of the Thames Estuary and I know it like the back of my hand after growing up there. Anyway, a lot of my work is from there, but I am now back in the USA in Florida.

By trade I am a television director-producer as well as a freelance photographer. I love photography, and with a photo there is really only a single moment to capture, rather than a whole sequence of events or narrative. In essence, I feel it is much more difficult to get a frame/photograph that says as much as you can in a video, but when the photo is 'right' it can say so much more to so many different people without the barriers of language, culture or intellect.

So what came first? Like many on this site I've been taking photo's since I was a young'un. Mostly, it was of fish that I had caught so that I could back up my tall tales! Then, in my very early twenties I met an Italian photographer while I was on my world travels. She had with her a Nikon F and F2 and showed me how it worked, how it really worked. When I'd seen as much of the world as I could afford, I returned to the UK and took photography as an elective for the 3 years I was doing my degree in Communication. I used an old Olympus OM-10 that my friend who is a camera technician built out of spare parts for me and sold it to me for 10-pounds. I still have it and every time I visit him back in my English homeland I have him service it. I've had it over 10 years now and it was probably twice as old as that when I got it. Now I use Nikon digital equipment.

For me, photography is more about serendipity. You can have the most expensive camera in the world, but if it isn't with you at the moment there is a perfect photo opportunity then it ain't much good is it!?

Thanks for reading, I am honored to find a site where I can have my work displayed alongside so many wonderful and often fascinating photographs and receive comments about them from new people. It is the comments and critiques, both positive and negative that keeps me growing - so thanks to everyone who has taken the time, but mostly, thanks to the beautiful Tiziana from Roma for showing me how things are supposed to work.

T.R.E. Wheeler

A word on sales: Prints from all of my photographs have been published, displayed and sold around the World and are available in various sizes and in various mediums. Please e-mail me at [email protected] for further information, or viewing my site at:

Many thanks.

Feb 2012: Just an update. I've reunited with Tiziana and today I went full-circle and brought a 1970's Nikon F!
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