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Photography has been my life long passion. For me photography and fine art has been and will continue to be a passion of documenting the human condition through the life long discovery of compassion, indifference, beauty and unsightliness. I say this yet I feel that I rarely photograph people.

I studied and received my degree in photography and fine art at Indiana University in the early 1980ís at a time when the world was a small world. From the mid 80ís through the late 90ís I works in advertising as a designer and owner of a small design company. This graphic influence tends to define my work before and after my strong involvement in advertising. Prior to advertising and photographic studies I was strongly involved in the study and life of engineering having come from an engineering family. Humanity seems to be all about engineering. Today I teach and one of the aspects of my teaching encompasses how the earth has become engineered by the human factor. We have created a false or manufactured environment that is far from natural even when trying desperately to make it so. I hope to make this a great part of my future illustrations which I may post here. Postings may come slowly but please stop by from time to time and critique at will, I welcome it and can handle it.

I come here because of a whim to find a long lost friend while on a phone call and sure enough I found him here and his work here. My friend Curtis was an inspiration to me and although we have not spoken in perhaps twenty or more years I can see through his posted works that I may been a slight inspiration to him. I find both thoughts rewarding.
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