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My name is Pedro Geraldes, I live in Portugal and I'm very keen on photography.
As an amateur photographer I would like to have more time to dedicate to TE and to photography in general.

I just went digital on December'05, and since that learned a lot while using my little Nikon D50. I started in TE about four months ago, and I've already learned even more with other TE members. I think TE is just about that.

To be found in my galery, any photo must have some meaning or some story behind it. I try to show you just my best photos and the most meaningful, and just want to receive honest critiques. If you don't like the photo, please don't give me 2 points. I don't care about having a lot of points... I want to improve my skills, and nothing better than honest critiques to achieve that. I'll allways try to be that honest when criticising your photos around here, so if I don't like any of them, you'll get just 0 or 1 points.
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