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I started photography as a child shooting my parents and family photos on an Asahi Pentax SLR. For me these were moments in time. I learnt a lot seeing my father developing his own prints in the dark room and admired the thousands of photographs he took. I did not know then that I would start looking at life through the lens.

“What you love doing during childhood, pursue that as a career. For then it will no more be a job”

In the mad rush of life, pursuing hotel management, I had my first encounter in the wilderness of Mudumalai forests in Karanataka. The van stopped and the wild tusker grunted, i shot with my heart in my mouth. This was pure adrenaline.

The glitz and glamour of 5 star hotels could not keep me hooked for long as the call of the shutter was clicking deep within.

The urge to do something creative landed me in to the world of advertising. Just a year down the line I purchased my very own second hand SLR camera from a journalistic friend. The deal was set at Rs.300. It was a steal literally for a Russian Zenith – a black beauty with all the chrome!

In my experiments with light I also was blessed to meet my Guru and friend Maitreya who had a greater influence on my style of photography. For now I was able to understand Darkness and Light from a spiritual perspective.

On a sunny day at a park in Delhi, I used my 70-300 mm Nikkor lens to take photographs of Maitreya while he spoke on spirituality.

In a mystic way through the lens, I learnt more about meditation. Photography became my meditation. My photos of Guruji Maitreya were selected to be used as cover photos for some of the spiritual books to be published by B Jain Publications.

Photography is not of the gear you carry than of the image being created as a reflection of that moment, a fraction of the dynamism which exists in that very moment. Experimenting with Kodak point and shoot cameras, I was able to click images one monsoon day while driving in a car on the Mathura road to have the image being used by a multinational bank for their calendar worldwide. This reiterated the fact that the moment was all that mattered.

I still did not think of this as a career. So for the next 7 years I found myself heading the branch office of MRM//McCann in Bangalore. Though not directly involved, I was indirectly connected to the world of advertising and photography.

As I look back, it kind of makes sense how life has panned out. I did have the camera through-out since childhood.

Today, I now look forward to give magical moments of life to people and I know I have done decent, when I see their faces light up. This happiness in them makes me continue and inspire me to Make images which Matter.

I do love the lights and action of photography too, but I love shooting in natural light. The beauty of natural light cannot be re created in the studio or through the digital process. That supreme Light who falls on us to even allow us to enjoy the human moments, I can only be in gratitude. In fact the lower the light intensity, the better I become. For along with the light without the shadows the forms will not be there for us to see and experience.

For me both photography and spirituality is based on the Light and I explore this in my journey of the Light.
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