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United States
I am currently studying Linguistics at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I have many passion in life, many things that I enjoy, or look back and smile about. These include firstly my God, my Faith, and my family and friends. I enjoy traveling, I have lived overseas on two different continents, I hope to expand that to at least four before I die. I have visited lots and lots of countries, and only need to make it to Australasia to have been to every permanently inhabited continent. I love photography, I love art, I love design. I am employed currently as a graphic and user interface designer at a wonderful company in Chicago. I love to read, I love books. I love languages, and cultures, and believe you have never have enough of either. I love to learn, and always try to expand my knowledge in all areas of life. I hope to work in sustainable development projects either in Africa, or the Middle East.I hope one day to look back on my life and be able to say I have made a difference for thousands of people.
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