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Hey my name is Hope Anne Jordan Sundstrand but you can just call me hopey I was giving that nickname because me and my older cousin Anna Sundstrand have the same personally in every way I was even born on the same day as her Feb 22 I grew up here in Stockholm, Sweden and lived here my whole life. My older sisterís raised me Ana ( 18) Sonia (28) because my mother and father died when I was a baby I never got to know them. I mostly stay with my baby setter Amanda because my sisters are working a lot she like a second sister to me and I adore her. I have mostly female friends in school they all say I am little ray of sunshine that makes them smile when I come into the room and make them laugh. I get mostly good grades in school but donít do very well in math . I have been told that I am talented in music and in the arts I love to write and draw and love music itís a big part of my life I can sing and dance but I am very shy and really donít like to I can play 5 interments Piano, Garter, Drums, Violin and Harp I also love to build things and try to invent stuff but a lot of my ideas are impossible right now I also love to look up at the stars and planets and discover new things . I love to help others in need and give what I have to all cause that I can
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