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^ up there it says my country is australia, but now i live in south korea. i teach in a university in seoul.

if you live in seoul, send me a message ... i'm always looking for new friends and other photographers to hang out with.

----------------- quote ------------------------->>

I shoot, therefore I am.
- David Smeaton

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.
- Benjamin Disraeli

----------------- my themes --------------------->>

top 3 - my 3 highest ranked shots.
your faves - this is a collection of my photos that trekkers have marked as their favourites.
dave's things to do - a collection of places or things that i definitely want to see and photograph.
the buddha - my photos of the buddha.
the sky - this is one of my favourite subjects ... see how i've used it in photography.
a touch of colour - photos edited in black and white, but with a touch of colour remaining.

----------------- about me ---------------------->>

i've lived and traveled in eleven countries (so far). i love asian people and culture. in korea, my current home, there's always lots of things to shoot ... er photograph!

as a photographer, i like a few different styles. i love sunsets with silhouettes. i love the sky. i love high contrast black and white.

i also love minimalist photos. i'm not a big fan of photos that are too crowded or busy. i like my attention to be drawn into the photo via focus, lines and framing.

when i take photos, those points are often what i look for. i also like creativity. a new perspective or something original. even a mundane, every day object can be fascinating when shot from a new perspective.

i don't profess to be a good photographer, but i do like photography. most of my photos are ordinary, but the ones i post here on trek earth are the ones i'm most proud of.

----------------- web sites --------------------->>

visit all of my photos at

visit my photoblog at

the truth about war ... thanks to fireflyz

national geographic photo of the day

cool photographers ansel adams ... and james nachtwey ... and henri cartier bresson

spencer tunick ... nudity and photography, my two favourite subjects! :)

professional photoshop techniques and tutorials at photoshop support

----------------- things & stuff ---------------->>

my camera: nikon D200
my next destination: india (hopefully)
my favourite ice cream: vanilla
my favourite food: gnocchi
my favourite word: serendipity
what ticks me off: the number of people who misspell "silhouette" ;)

----------------- END TRANSMISSION -------------->>
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