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Greeting from Toronto, Canada

Although I live in Toronto, I was born and raised in France. I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby. When I was a teenager, I started a photo club in my village. When I moved to Toronto, I joined a photography club. One day in September, after spending a whole afternoon in the dark room, I went outside and I was stunned: the sky was so blue and bright, the temperature so nicely warm. I realized that I had stayed indoors on such a perfect day and missed what was probably the last perfect day of the year. Right then, I decided to stop shutting myself in a darkroom. I never went back in that room again. I continued to take photos but I would send them to be processed. Many times, I was not happy with the results. Too often the colours were not right, either too blue or too yellow. It was a pain to have the photos reprinted. Finally, in June 2003, I decided to buy a digital camera. I tried out two: the Sony 717 and the Nikon 5700. The Sony won.

The irony of it all is that I no longer shut myself in a dark room to manipulate photos but instead, I shut myself in a room with a computer to improve my digital photos with Photoshop and post them on the Internet or email them to my friends. So much for enjoying a perfect day outside! Oh well, at least the room I am in now has a window!

Thank you for looking at my photos. I appreciate equally your comments, criticism and advice.

Salut de Toronto,

Bien qu’habitant au Canada, je suis originaire du nord de la France, un petit village juste à la frontière belge, près de Valenciennes. J’y retourne régulièrement pour rendre visite à mes parents. Je séjourne aussi parfois chez ma soeur, près d'Arras.

J’apprécie aussi bien compliments, critiques et conseils. Merci de jeter un coup d’œil à mes photos.
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