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Once in a while a person comes across a group of like minded individuals with one common purpose, and is able to find within that group a place to fit in.

Trek Earth seems to be such a place for me. I have been a member of TE since 2007, but have not posted anything until March of 2009. I don't know wether it has to do with a lack of confidence in my own photographic skill, or that the postings on this sight are so superior in every way as to make my "pretty good shots" seem like rank amateur work.

I am impressed just about every time I log on by the supreme nature of the skills displayed by many of the contributors to this site. Many times I am left puzzled wondering "how the h--- did they get THAT shot!?!?" However, this is a good thing as it pushes me to be more discriminate with what I post, thus (hopefully) adding to the high caliber of work found herein.

I hope that my photographs may in some small way be an inspiration to others as so many others have been to me. Your critique is always welcome (positive or otherwise) as we all learn through the process of opening up to others and sharing our creative energy.

Keep Shooting!
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NIKON D200, Mamiya 645, Nikon N80, Praktica Nova B

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