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They told me once: THE CAMERA DOES NOT METTER . What metters is a photograhres eye. Artist's eye, patience and skill that's what makes an image and not his tools.

I started in 2002 with Canon A10. In 2004 I bought Canon A80 wich is still my dear "freind" everywhere I go.

For my son I bought Casio EXILIM EX-S600. Very small but makes great pictures. Really a solid pocket camera.

Now I know so much more about photography I may start looking for some more prof. quallity in my photografs. I am still waiting for a hiystory turning point when all big CANONs dont look as they would shooot someone...I need a camera everywhere I go. So it has to be smaal enough to fit in my purse but good enough to serve my needs for great colors, contrast and sharpness.

People from the leading companies: Please start working on a lady-cam ...A GOOD ONE! ... not little cams all Japaneese cary around. It can be handy but unfortunately - as good as it gets.
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Canon IXUS 850 IS, Canon PowerShot A10, Canon PowerShot A80, Canon PowerShot S95, CASIO EXILIM S600

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