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Chrisanthos Argiriou Contact

Becoming a member of this site, I would like, first of all, to thank the inspirers and the creators of it.
Then I would like to thank all friends photographers, professionals or not, for providing us their creations in the quickest, easiest and cheapest possible way.
It’s a unique opportunity to be guided to and shown things and places that we may never have the chance to see or visit.
Of course, I feel privileged that I can share my pictures with you through this site, having them commented and criticized, always in a beneficial way.
That is by collaborating without having a personal profit but aiming at the common “profit” of the world’s neighborhood.
I thank God and people for motivating me to engage myself with photography, computer and internet and this way being able to become a member of the TE, TN, TL community.
In TE I am going to publish photos from the place where I serve as a monk.
It’s the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas in Greece, in the area of Viotia, 180km in the north – western part of Athens and 35 from Delfi.
Probably, it’s the most important Byzantine monastery in Greece, built in the 10th century, famous for its mosaic icons in the main temple.
I believe that most of the photos are visual ones, giving at the same time information to those who want to learn, not being able to visit the monastery, and to those who want to get informed about it before they come and visit it.
I would be glad to answer any kind of possible questions, as far as my schedule allows it.
At last I greet you all again and I welcome you at a joyful trip through my photos.
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Ciro-flex 6x6, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, Nikon F75, Olympus E-300, Olympus u 1000

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