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Iím a hobby photographer. By profession I teach EU law at a university and work as a freelancer legal translator. I have been involved into photography since I was a teenager. During my years at the university I worked as a Ďphoto reporterí and later as the chief of photographers at the magazine of the university. I always took my hobby seriously and in that era I spent a good portion of my scholarship and earnings on building up my gear so I never had money for drugs. Joking apart, I really passionate on taking pictures whether itís a hiking tour, a festival in my neighbourhood or just a walk in my city. My family and my friends seems to accept or at least tolerate that I always need a few minutes more to take the picture I want and that the blue hour is sacrosanct in case of a city tour. Plus I have a soft spot for analog photography, though I have never learnt how to develop film. Iím too lazy for that.
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