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Well...a little about myself? Hmmm! Let's say I've been interested in photography for a long, long time, but because of work, family and university never got anywhere in particular. Sure, did some work in the darkroom, took a college course, and paid some outrageous expenses in equipment at the time. Somewhere along the line I stepped away from it.

Now that I live and work computers, and with all the advancements of digital photography, graphic editing software, and the ease of development and print selection, I decided it was time to get back into it. Well, I happened to stumble upon this site when I was looking for some tips and techniques in Adobe Photoshop. I instantly knew my heart belonged here. I said to myself "What better way to get instant feedback on your photos than right here". I am hoping that I can improve as well as contribute a little something about my World in the process.

I am an American who has lived off and on between Germany and the United States for over 32 years. My goal is to share this small part of my world with you, and ask you to help me better myself photographically. I am looking forward to making many friends who share the same enthusiasm I have about showing off our World.
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