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I've been taking a break from TE for a few months, but after some encouragement from remaining members I'm back.

The reasons for my break was that I was burnt out, and I felt that my participation had become quite routine and boring, which is death for creativity. After being away for a while I think that I'm mentally refreshed and ready to participate in a more meaningful way. To tell the truth, I missed the friends that I made here, who mean a lot to me. I have to thank the several people who contacted me by e-mail and encouraged me to get back here (you know who you are). I also missed the constant feedback and pressure to produce photos, which was responsible for pushing me to improve as a photographer. Without TE I feel that my progress has slowed and I need some impetus to get out there more often. Regarding critiques, I believe that I was getting very boring with what I was saying, and not addressing things as I should. I will likely write fewer but better critiques now, which will be more enjoyable for both myself and the recipient. Now that I've explained myself, back to photography!

I've been on Trek Earth for a while now, so I thought I would do an updated profile that is actually useful replace the quick one I posted when I first joined.
I really enjoy the TE format, which encourages people to grow and improve, make friends in far away places, as well as learn more about the world (the stated purpose of the site). I think that I've improved a lot as a photographer since I joined. Why have I improved? Several reasons:

1 - TE encourages me to take more pictures, because now I have to be constantly posting shots. If I just posted old shots I would quickly run out, so now I have a reason to go out and shoot.

2 - The feedback that I've received (both critiques and workshops) has taught me a lot, because some of the people on TE are very skilled and experienced photographers, with a lot of interesting insights. It's an incredible place to learn, and even the highest rated members are helpful to beginners.

3 - The act of critiquing other people's photos has made me think more about photography. Specifically, I now think more about what makes one photo good and another photo not so good. I notice things that I never thought about before, and that translates through to my own photography.

4 - Seeing the other shots posted on TE gives me a lot of inspiration and ideas about what to photograph, or how to photograph. I find this flow of ideas very refreshing, and it keeps me from getting stale. TE has opened up a lot of new subjects for me, and made me look at old ones in new ways.

5 - I've learned a lot about processing and editing photos. My computer skills were not that great when I joined, but now I am much more comfortable with working on photos to bring out the best. I've picked up many tips from people on TE, and tried them out on my work.

6 - I've continued to learn a lot about the world. By seeing the photos and reading the notes I've been exposed to many places I had never heard of before, and learned a lot of new things about places I had seen before. Even without posting any photos of my own, I would still enjoy the site, and in fact, it is this aspect that attracted me to the site in the first place.

Since I've been on TE, I've been contacted several times by people who wanted to use my photos. Recently, I was even able to licence one of my photos for a magazine cover (my first!). None of this would have happened if I hadn't started participating on TE. My photos wouldn't be as good, and nobody would have seen them anyways. It's been a great time here on TE, and I encourage anyone starting out to jump in with both feet and use the site to learn as much as you can. You only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

For those who are interested in only the highlights or best shots, I've created a theme with my most popular TE photos, which can be seen here BEST SHOTS
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