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A photograph is a visual record created through the eye of the photographer. The photographer see the world around them and using their tools consisting of a camera, lens, and using lightning, composes and captures a special moment in time.

The photograph embodies the photographer's moods and both conscious and unconscious thoughts. This is the record of the photographer's visual world has two stories. It communicates to the observer as their artistic expression, the telling of a story, or as an historical record. The other story is one that has meaning to the life of the photographer.

For these reasons, photographs are truly priceless to society and to future generations as they try to make sense of the past, present, and future.

My interest in photography began when I was 12 years old and was my life's first true passion. I work professionally and commercially as a photographer for more than 18 years.

While working as the National Park Service Photographer (1978-1985) in New York City, I needed an easier way to document and catalog my photographs so I 1981, turned to the use of the worlds first microcomputer. A Cromemco S-100 based system. This began my second passion leading to a 22 year career as a Computer Systems and Software Engineer.

- Brooks Vaughn
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